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Brochure & Online Registration Information
The Recreation Department's Programs Online shows all open and available programs. This is an online listing that is searchable by activity category, age group, or key words. All of the information on the new programs is available for viewing by guests as well as registered users. The blue circle icon next to the program name provides additional information about the program. 

  • Once you identify programs you would like to register for, you can log into the site as a user and register using the on-line system, or print out a Registration Form which can be mailed or dropped off at the Recreation Department Office.  
  • The On-Line system allows for credit cards while the printed form requires check or cash payment.The On-Line system also allows you additional features: 
    • You can print out refrigerator calendars to keep up with your family's activities, 
    • Check the status of programs,
    • See what is available on any given evening on the Events Calendar, 
    • Find and print out past receipts for child care or other purposes.
If you have been involved in programs we offered in the past you would have had a user name and password set for you initially. If you do not remember this or are new to our system, we can email you both. 

If you are new to the Recreation Department programs, you can create a new household but this will need to be validated. This process will take one business day.

We do not sending out paper copies of this brochure. .

Additional Information
Remember, all registrations for programs and trips are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. In many cases, a minimum and maximum number for the program has been established so you are encouraged to register early to ensure a place in the program or class. 
Registrations need to be received prior to the program's starting date. For summer camps and programs, the child must be registered no later than noon on the day prior to the child's attendance.