Substance Abuse Prevention Committee

The Billerica Substance Abuse Prevention Committee

The Billerica Substance Abuse Prevention Committee (BSAPC), comprised of eleven members appointed by the Board of Selectmen, the Police Chief, the Fire Chief, the Billerica Public Schools Superintendent, the Board of Health and the Shawsheen Valley Technical High School Superintendent, continually works to achieve the vision and the mission of the committee.  The Committee meets twice a month, once as a full committee and once as a smaller working group.  In 2012-2013, the BSAPC organized several activities aimed at promoting substance abuse, culminating with the Town Forum, which was well attended by parents, students and community members. 

BSAPC Vision:  We envision in Billerica a community that embraces healthy choices, healthy lifestyles and healthy decisions so its families and its children may enjoy the peace and prosperity that accompanies a substance abuse free society. 

I.           Mission

To increase awareness, promote education, and provide resources to the Billerica community in order to reduce community-wide substance abuse problems in Billerica.

II.  Goals

Goal 1: Discourage youth experimentation of ANY use of any substances (alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, illicit drugs, etc.) during the middle school years.   

  • Reduce the usage of alcohol from 17% lifetime use in sixth grade to a minimum of 13% and the use of marijuana from 24% lifetime use in the eighth grade to a minimum 16%.   


Goal 2:  To reduce the heavy, regular use of substances such as marijuana and alcohol and any use of illicit/illegal drugs for youth at high risk at the end of middle school entering into high school. 


Goal 3:  To increase the school opportunities for prosocial involvement and to increase the rewards that students receive for prosocial involvement. 


  • Compared to the normative average of 50, Billerica scored in the 38th percentile for school opportunities for prosocial involvement and in the 40th percentile for school rewards for prosocial involvement. 

Goal 4:  Reduce Key Family & Attitudinal Risk Factors that imperil Billerica Youth over the next two years.

  • Risk factors increase the likelihood of youth substance abuse. National norms have been established for risk factors in communities, and Billerica has several key risk factors that are far too dangerous for our youth compared to other communities.  Family and student attitudes favorable towards drug use as well as family management issues are identified risk factors that the Committee will target to reduce in the next two years.  The success of these interventions will be re-measured in our next youth survey.