Community Choice Energy Program

Municipal Aggregation allows local government to combine the purchasing power of its residents so that it can provide them with an alternative electricity supply. Municipal Aggregation is a valuable service that residents and small businesses look for from their local governments. It has proven to be the most effective way to help small consumers manage their electricity bills, and has received overwhelming support wherever it’s implemented.

2016 - 2017 


  • Public Information Session


  • Some concerns have been expressed about rates by Selectman Simolaris – specifically, that the Town of Chelmsford has a lower rate than Billerica. This is has occurred because the Town of Chelmsford procured this rate much earlier and for a longer period of time. The Town of Billerica was not in the marketplace at that time because the aggregation process takes a significant time to establish. The Town could seek to renegotiate the rates but this would lock us into a longer period of time. At this time it is most prudent to stay with our current rate as it is still extremely competitive in the market. I will continue to monitor the situation and let the BOS no if there is any change.


The Spring National Grid Rate has been set. Effective May 1st the rate will be .10870. This rate is
slightly lower than the Town rate of .10984. This is consistent with what the Town was advised by our
consultant, Colonial Power Group, Inc. The Town was advised that the spring summer rate would be
higher than last summer but close to the rate that we have – .10984. The decision was made to lock in
to this rate because the Town Rate would still be more competitive than National Grid because the
average between the winter and summer rate for national grid would still be more costly even if the
summer rate was slightly lower than the Town’s annual rate.

If residents want to capture NGrids more competitive rate for 6 months they could still opt out of the
Towns rate. However, they should be advised that the winter rate is projected to be .13+. This rate will
be effective in November and December and the Town will still be locked into the .10984 rate for those