Coronavirus Update

The Public Health Nurse is continuing to monitor the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) within the community, if you have a question concerning this matter please reach out to Christine West at or telephone at 978-671-0932.  If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 please contact your primary care physician or visit an urgent care facility to get medical help.

Important Links and Updates

Vaccine Clinics

Emergency Orders

10/4 Update

In the latest COVID-19 data update, the Town is moving in the right direction. Billerica is now lower than the State but higher than the County in average daily new cases per 100k. We are still classified as high transmission by the CDC because the cumulative 7-day average is 109 per 100K (9 over the threshold). We continue to lag our neighboring towns in vaccinations. The town has another clinic this Friday from 4-6pm at the Council on Aging for all who need a shot.

Updated Chart 10.4.21

Comparative figures 9.28

Vaccinated Chart 9.30.21

9/30 Update

The Town will be holding a COVID-19 vaccination clinic on Friday, October 8th from 4-6pm at the Billerica Council on Aging, 25 Concord Road. The clinic is open to anyone 12 and over and we will have the Pfizer vaccine. Walk ins are welcome, and you can register for the clinic here:

This clinic will be offering Pfizer booster shots to all who are eligible. For information on third shot eligibility, please view this link:

Please bring your vaccine card if this appointment is for a second or third shot. 

If you are under 18, you must bring a parent or guardian or a signed consent form, which can be found here: 

Information about future clinics will be posted here. Please contact the Board of Health or the Town Manager's office with any questions about vaccination. 

9/14 Update

Billerica Public Schools will be holding a COVID-19 vaccination clinic before the first home football game at Billerica Memorial High School on Friday, September 17th. The mobile clinic will be in the parking lot outside the high school stadium (note the location change!) between 5:30 and 7:30pm. If you get your vaccine there, you’ll receive a free ticket to the football game and a refillable Billerica water bottle. The clinic is open to anyone 12 and over and we will have the Pfizer vaccine. Walk ins are welcome, and you can register for the clinic here: 

If you are under 18, you must bring a parent or guardian or a signed consent form, which can be found here: 

9/2 Update

9/2 – 22 New Cases (1 HOC)
9/1 – 16 Cases (1 HOC)
8/31 – 16 New Cases
8/30 – 13 New Cases
8/29 – 13 New Cases 
8/28 – 14 New Cases
8/27 – 16 New Cases
8/26 – 15 New Cases 



Billerica Board of Health COVID-19 Public Health Order for Indoor Face Coverings in Public Places

 Based upon review of current COVID-19 caseload, the testing positivity rates, and the vaccination status in Billerica and in Middlesex County, the Board of Health held an emergency meeting on August 18, 2021.  Pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 111 Sections 31 and 122, 310 CMR 11.05, 105 CMR 300.200 and all other authorizing statutes and regulations, the Board of Health hereby orders the indoor face covering order in the Town of Billerica. 

  1. Face coverings that cover the nose and mouth shall be worn by all individuals in all indoor public spaces or private spaces open to the public, including but not limited to retail establishments, restaurants, bars, performance venues, socials clubs/private clubs, event spaces, places of worships, municipal buildings, school buildings, and other businesses.  
  2. Notwithstanding any provision in this Order, pursuant to guidance issued by the CDC face coverings should not be placed on young children under 2-years-old, anyone who has trouble breathing, anyone who is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance, or anyone who due to disability is unable to wear a mask.
  3. Additional indoor safety requirements include:
  • Food service establishment customers may only remove face coverings when seated.
  • Performance venue customers may only remove face coverings in the actual act of eating and drinking.  
  • Indoor bar and dance venue customers may only remove face coverings when seated at tables or seated at a bar.  Patrons standing or ordering at the bar must be masked.  Guests must be masked on indoor dance floors.
  • Lodging guests and workers are required to wear face coverings when inside hallways and common areas.
  • Residents and employees of multi-family dwellings units are required to wear face coverings in common areas and hallways.
  • Fitness Center/Health Club workers, customers, and visitors are required to wear face coverings during fitness activity, including strenuous activity.
  • Personal Services customers and workers are required to wear face coverings, except for skin or beard care that occurs on the face, the customer may temporarily remove the face covering but must immediately put the face covering back on for the remainder of the visit.
  • All Billerica schools, public and private are required to follow the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and American Academy of Pediatrics guidance for universal masking requiring all students older than 2 years and all school staff to wear face coverings while indoors at school (unless medical or developmental conditions prohibit use).
  • Face coverings remain mandatory for all individuals on public and private transportation systems (including rideshares, livery, taxi, ferries, MBTA, Commuter Rail and transportation stations), in healthcare facilities and in other settings hosting vulnerable populations, such as congregate care settings.
  • All entry doors of businesses open to the public must be posted in a conspicuous location a notice advising customers and guests to wear face coverings inside the business.   Business staff must supervise and enforce this requirement.

To the extent necessary, this Order shall be enforced by agents for the Board of Health.

Whoever violates any provision of this Order may be penalized by a noncriminal disposition process as provided in Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40, Section 21D and the Town’s non-criminal disposition by-law.

The Board of Health will monitor health data and determine when to lift this order.  This order will be reviewed by the Board of Health on or before January 10, 2022.  The Order may be rescinded by the Board of Health based on the health data that indicates:

  • The Level of Community Transmission data from the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for Middlesex County and Billerica is categorized as either “low” or “Moderate” over a consecutive four week period, or
  • The vaccination rate of individuals with at least one shot reaches 75% of the population of the Town of Billerica.

Effective Date: This Order shall become effective upon publication in the Lowell Sun on Tuesday, August 24, 2021.
A Public Hearing was held on August 18, 2021.
Voted by the Billerica Board of Health on August 18, 2021.
Promulgation will be advertised in the Lowell Sun on Tuesday, August 24, 2021.


Currently the Town of Billerica, Commonwealth, and country are seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases due to the Delta variant. The number of cases has grown exponentially over the last month, and we are now starting to see 6-8 cases per day in Billerica. Billerica is experiencing COVID 19 spread at rates higher than the state rate. This is up significantly from June when we were seeing almost no daily cases. 

On July 27th the CDC updated their mask-wearing guidance. In the guidance it was suggested that fully vaccinated people should wear mask indoors in public places in areas of substantial and high COVID transmission. According to the CDC, counties with 50-99 cases per 100,000 people or a test positivity rate of 8 to 9.9 percent over the previous seven-day period are considered to be experiencing “substantial transmission,” and counties with 100 or more cases per 100,000 people or a test positivity rate of 10 percent or higher over the past 7 days are considered “high transmission.”

Middlesex County currently falls into the high transmission category with a rate of 117.39 cases per 100,000 over a seven-day period. Billerica also is in the high transmission category with 106.84 cases per 100,000 over a seven-day period.  The state overall is in the lower category of “substantial transmission”.  In less than a week Billerica’s transmission rate has doubled.  It is increasing faster than the state average.  Billerica continues to lag behind the state and surrounding communities in vaccination rates.

Accordingly, this office is issuing the following directive for all Town Building, excluding Schools, effective Monday, August 16, 2021:

  • Employees of the Town will be required to wear masks while moving throughout the building.
  • Employees will be required to wear masks when attending to a resident in Town Hall.
  • The Council on Aging will require masks in their building. 
  • In all public buildings, visitors will be required to wear masks for the safety of the public.  For those that do not want to wear masks the Town still has in place virtual and social distancing processes to conduct Town business without entering the building.


For individuals who are not fully vaccinated, it is important that you continue to wear a face covering or mask to help prevent you from spreading COVID-19 to other people. People who show no symptoms of illness may still be able to spread COVID-19. For individuals who are not fully vaccinated, the CDC advises the following: 

• Wear a face covering or mask that covers your nose and mouth. 

• Stay 6 feet apart from others who don’t live with you. 

• Avoid crowds and poorly ventilated indoor spaces. 

• Wash your hands often with soap and water. Use hand sanitizer if soap and water aren’t available 

• Get tested if you have been exposed to or have symptoms associated with COVID-19.



These policies are subject to change based on cases and positivity level. 

The Town has been committed to serving the residents and adapting to any changes to COVID-19 quickly and efficiently, and will continue to do so during this next phase of the pandemic. 


Covid Report 7.29









3/1 156424041_1852224348275240_6252754449419808268_n


1/29 - COVID-19 Update


1/25 - Vaccine Info

Today the Governor announced Phase 2 of the vaccine roll out will begin on Monday. The first category in Phase 2 to be vaccinated will be individuals 75+. Followed by 65-74 and individuals with 2+ comorbidities, and then other sectors as described in the State Website (

The Town needs to submit a vaccine request form by Thursday to DPH. The Town would like to start building a list ASAP of who would like to be vaccinated. This way we can accurately request a number from the state and contact you as soon as vaccine becomes available for your category. Please fill out the attached google form if you would like to be on the contact list if the Town is sent vaccines. Sign Up Link!

(Please do not reject another offer to get a vaccine. As we are not sure how many we will be sent.) This social media post will also be followed by a letter and a CODERED on 10AM Thursday.  

Please let us know if you have any questions.


The Town will be conducting a residents only COVID-19 testing site at Town Hall on Thursday between 3-6PM in the auditorium. Please sign up using the link below. 

COVID-19 Testing Sign Up!

1/22 Update

covid19 122 update


COVID-19 Update from the last 7 days. 

Blue and White Simple Illustrated Situational Report Instagram Post (2)


New Operational Status for Town Offices and Services effective December 23rd, 2020

Due to an outbreak of cases and close contacts throughout many departments in Town Government and the current surge in the COVID-19 Virus, the Town is changing the operational status of offices and services.  As of December 23, 2020, Town offices and services will be converting to a fully remote platform.  Similar to the Spring Surge, the Town will be closing all buildings to the public and all business will be conducted remotely and by appointment when possible.  Town Offices will be staffed with a skeleton crew with others working remotely.  Other departments, like DPW crews, will be working split shifts to contain contact and prevent spread.

All of these actions are being taken to curb the spread of the virus in this unprecedented surge.  It is also of vital importance to take every action to reduce the spread to keep schools open as much as possible.  Curbing the spread in other areas may help to keep schools open.   Although we are all being adversely affected by the pandemic, school aged children undoubtedly are experiencing the greatest impact with the most long-term consequences.

It is important that we do our part to allow, so that those on the front line; teachers, health care workers, first responders, grocery store employees among others can do their part to keep us safe and healthy during this pandemic. 

Most Town operations are already fully available online, over the phone, or by email. If you don’t see something listed below it does not mean it is not available. The list below is changes from normal operations. If you don’t see something that you need done please contact Clancy in the Town Managers Office by email or by phone at (978) 671 -0942 to facilitate the request.

Attached below us an updated Town Hall Operations Guide. 

Updated Town Hall Operations Guide


COVID19 12_18


The Town has had 95 cases in the past 6 days. In the last State report the Town was teetering between Moderate and High Risk with a positivity rate of 4.97%. Please continue to practice social distancing, mask wearing, and hand washing!  
Blue and White Simple Illustrated Situational Report Instagram Post (1)


11/19 COVID-19 Update. The Town expects to stay a yellow community after the State's Town by Town positivity rate release tonight.  



Free drive up COVID-19 testing for Billerica residents (proof of residence is required) on Saturday at Town Hall from 9AM-1PM! Pre-Registration is required for all residents being tested on the attached link below! Billerica EMS will be administering PCR test that will have results emailed in roughly 48 hours.


The Town had an additional 20 cases today. Please continue to wear your mask, social distance, and wash your hands! 


11/12 Update 

#Billerica - The Town has seen 48 cases over the past four days! On 11/6 we averaging about 5-6 cases a day. Our usual data will be available tomorrow. 

11/6 Update



Please see the attached press release from the Town Manager regarding entering the High Risk Category.



The Town of Billerica has seen an increase in cases recently including 19 in the past two days. Please continue to avoid large social gatherings, social distance, wash your hands, and wear a face covering.



As of this afternoon the Town of Billerica’s internal data shows that we are still a yellow community. On Wednesday when the State reports their numbers for each municipality and updates the community risk map the Town has found that the State’s case number tend to be higher. 

This is due to many factors including PCR test ruling out positive rapids, residents living elsewhere but using Billerica as their address, duplicate names, etc. These cases are eventually corrected in the State database but do affect our potential risk level. When the State releases their map today Billerica could be considered a high risk red community by the State. The Town’s numbers are more accurate due to the hard work of the Board of Health who verify every case in Town. Additionally, there have been no close contacts in a school setting as of this date.

However, the numbers are trending upwards. Please continue to wear your mask, social distance, and wash your hands!



The Town has been monitoring the COVID 19 situation very closely with respect to the upcoming Halloween Holiday.  The Town is currently a yellow (moderate risk) community. This means the Town is averaging less than 8 cases per 100,000 people over seven days (6.9).  As evident in the graph above the town’s risk level has increased steadily since September 11th. There have been isolated cases in the schools in remote settings only.  This is a positive indicator in that the Town has not had to quarantine large groups in school settings.  This is also evidence that the Hybrid model is working and does help to prevent spread.
At this time, the Town is anticipating that Halloween will go on with hours of 5:00PM to 8:00PM for trick or treating. The Town will be posting recommended guidelines sanctioned by the CDC to follow for Halloween.


10/7 Update

Attached is the COVID-19 10/7 Update. The state will release their map later tonight. According to our numbers the Town will continue to be a moderate risk yellow community. 


9/30 Update

Long Term Care Facilites    95

Middlesex House of Corrections    58

Health Care Workers    81

Apartment Complexes    61

Deaths    30

Active Cases    33

Recovered Cases    594

Total Cases to Date    657

Cases per 100,000    5.09

Seven Day Case Averge    1.29

Number of Cases last 30 days    31

Billerica Status    - Yellow 

9/24 Update

Town Officials have been following the COVID-19 situation closely since the middle of February. The Town has taken many measures to stop the spread and had been successful through much of the late spring and summer. The residents of Town have also played a large role in following the guidance laid out by the Town and State. Following mask mandates, social distancing guidelines, and adhering to gathering limits have slowed the spread in Billerica. When the Governor released his initial community risk map Billerica was a low risk community. As the weeks have moved on the Town has seen multiple spikes in COVID-19 cases. Last night the State released their positive test numbers over the past two weeks.  Billerica had 26 cases over the past 14 days and therefore moved Billerica into the moderate risk category. 
The 26 cases are spread throughout the community and the ages range from late teens to the elderly. After working with Town Nurse, Christine West we have learned that some of these cases were thankfully asymptomatic. Many only found out due to testing because of medical and dental procedures. Due to moving back into the yellow category the Town will begin reporting numbers more frequently. Sadly, there has been another death in the community bringing the total in the community to 30 deaths.  This individual had many underlying conditions that contributed to this outcome.
Finally, Halloween is five weeks away. As we all know the coronavirus situation can and does change rapidly. The Town’s decisions and recommendations regarding Halloween will be heavily influenced by what risk category the Town is in as we approach Halloween and state guidance.  These decisions and recommendations will be released two weeks prior to Halloween.  The Town ask that you continue to stay vigilante, social distance, and wear your mask to help slow the spread.

Date    9/8/2020

New Cases Since Last Update 9/1    5

Active Cases    5

Total Deaths    29

Total Recovered    581

7 Day Average    0.71

Total Cases    615

Date    9/1/2020

New Cases Since Last Update 8/27    12

Active Cases    11

Total Deaths    29

Total Recovered    570

7 Day Average    2.14

Total Cases    610


Attached is a COVID-19 Update from 8/20. Numbers from over the weekend will be provided tomorrow! A breakdown of where the cases occur as of early last week. 

New Cases Since Last Update 8/10    11

Active Cases    8

Total Deaths    29

Total Recovered    553

7 Day Average    1.14

Total Cases    590


New Cases Since Last Update 7/31    14

Active Cases    12

Total Deaths    29

Total Recovered    538

7 Day Average    1.57

Total Cases    579


Attached is the COVID-19 update for 8/3. The Town performed a data reconciliation back back to 5/21. It was found that we have over reported by 8 cases. The total cases in Billerica is now 565.

This is the second data reconciliation the Town has performed to make sure we are reporting the most accurate and up to date numbers to the residents.

New Cases Since Last Update 7/20    15

Active Cases    12

Total Deaths    29

Total Recovered    524

7 Day Average    1.43

Total Cases    565


New Cases Since Last Update 7/20    10

Active Cases    13

Total Deaths    29

Total Recovered    526

7 Day Average    1.43

Total Cases    568

7/16 - Update from the Town Manager 

Town Manager - 

Statement of Town Manager John C. Curran:

Unfortunately, yesterday I tested positive for COVID 19.  This was quite unexpected as I only pursued the test because it is required by the State of Maine for vacation travelers.  I am currently asymptomatic.  I am releasing this statement because this has resulted in the closure of my office for the next 14 days and to use this opportunity to educate people as to the impacts of a positive test.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health requires you to quarantine if you have had a close contact with a COVID 19 positive individual within 48 hours of the positive test.

A close contact is currently defined as spending 10 or more minutes in the presence of a COVID 19 individual within six feet whether wearing masks or not.  These close contacts are required to quarantine for 14 days.  If they have a test and they test positive they must begin the exercise of identifying their close contacts and their quarantine is now defined an isolation rather than a quarantine.  If they test negative they are still required to quarantine four fourteen days just in case they develop symptoms at a later date.  If they choose not to test they must quarantine for the 14 days and if they develop any symptoms they should see a physician and get tested.

In my case, I have had close contacts with four of my immediate family members and three out of four of them have tested negative and all four are quarantined.  The fourth is being tested today.  Sixteen Town Hall employees were close contacts and have been quarantined. Some have been tested and others will be tested today.  So far none of them are positive.  One of the Selectboard Members was a close contact, and is being tested today.  Three other work-related contacts have been contacted as well and notified that they should be quarantined.  In total I have identified 24 close contacts that must be quarantined for fourteen days.

My office will be closed for fourteen days and all calls and business will be answered and done remotely.  At this point I do not have an idea as to how I contracted the virus.  I have been diligent about social distance practices; however, this experience has educated me to the fact that unless you wear a mask all the time you will always expose yourself to potential close contacts.  This experience also serves as a reminder as to how insidious this virus is and how important it is for all of us to remain vigilant in our social distance practices.  This vigilance is the most important factor in returning and remaining as close to normal as possible.  This will also be the single biggest contributor to how our kids return to school.

Date    7/14/2020

New Cases Since Last Update 7/6    23

Active Cases    16

Total Deaths    29

Total Recovered    502

7 Day Average    3

Total Cases    547

Date    7/6/2020

New Cases (Today)    0

Active Cases    2

Total Deaths    29

Total Recovered    493

7 Day Average    0.429

Total Cases    524

Date    6/29/2020

New Cases    1

Active Cases    8

Total Deaths    29

Total Recovered    484

7 Day Average    1

Total Cases    521

Date    6/23/2020

New Cases    1

Active Cases    5

Total Deaths    29

Total Recovered    480

7 Day Average    1

Total Cases    514

Date    6/15/2020

New Cases    1

Active Cases    9

Total Deaths    29

Total Recovered    471

7 Day Average    1

Total Cases    509

Date    6/12/2020

New Cases    1

Active Cases    11

Total Deaths    29

Total Recovered    466

7 Day Average    1

Total Cases    506

Date    6/8/2020

New Cases    2

Active Cases    20

Total Deaths    29

Total Recovered    452

7 Day Average    2

Total Cases    501

Date    6/4/2020

New Cases    3

Active Cases    45

Total Deaths    29

Total Recovered    422

7 Day Average    2

Total Cases    496

Date    6/1/2020

New Cases    1

Active Cases    54

Total Deaths    29

Total Recovered    407

Total Cases    490

Date    5/28/2020

New Cases    2

Active Cases    68

Total Deaths    29

Total Recovered    388

Total Cases    485

Date    5/27/2020

New Cases    4

Active Cases    67

Total Deaths    29

Total Recovered    387

Total Cases    483

Town of Billerica Cases per Day (6)



Date    5/26/2020

The Town had 12 cases over the past four days. 

New Cases    3

Active Cases    97

Total Deaths    29

Total Recovered    353

Total Cases    479

Date    5/21/2020

The Town has had 13 COVID-19 cases over the past two days. Also an additional 6 cases are included on May 20th. The six cases from May 20th were found during a data reconciliation of the BOH records.

New Cases (Past Two Days)    13

Active Cases    85

Total Deaths    29

Total Recovered    353

Total Cases    467

Date    5/19/2020

New Cases (Today)    4

Active Cases    68

Total Deaths    27

Total Recovered    353

Total Cases    448

Date    5/18/2020

New Cases (Today)    3

Active Cases    64

Total Deaths    27

Total Recovered    353

Total Cases    444

Date    5/13/2020

New Cases (Today)    7

Active Cases    86

Total Deaths    26

Total Recovered    315

Total Cases    427

Date    5/11/2020

New Cases (Today)    8

Active Cases    96

Total Deaths    25

Total Recovered    292

Total Cases    413

Date    5/7/2020

New Cases    13

Active Cases    57

Total Deaths    24

Total Recovered    287

Total Cases    368

Date    5/6/2020

New Cases    11

Active Cases    54

Deaths    24

Recovered    277

Total Cases    355

Date    5/4/2020

New Cases    5

Active Cases    53

Deaths    22

Recovered    264

Total Cases    339

4/30 Update
New Cases       16
Active Cases    48
Deaths             22
Recovered        244
Total Cases      314

On April 28th, the Billerica Board of Health voted on an emergency order requiring face coverings to be worn by members of the public and essential employees in any indoor space that is open to the public.  The emergency order is based on safety guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises the use of simple cloth face coverings to slow the spread of the virus and help people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to others. 

This Emergency Order applies to grocery stores, pharmacies, laudromats, hardware stores, retail/convenient stores, restaurants, and the like. Face coverings must also be worn inside public common areas such as entrances and public hallways of multi-unit residences and commercial buildings.

This emergency order goes into effect on Thursday, April 30, 2020 and a one-week grace period will be granted to allow the community time to comply.  The Board of Health is aware that it may be a challenge for everyone to comply at all times and are committed to compassionate enforcement of this order and will seek first to educate members of the public about the face covering requirement.  However, after the one-week grace period, persons showing willful disregard for this order, may be subject to the following: first violation a warning, $25 fine for a second violation, $50 fine for a third violation, and $100 for fourth violation. 

Exceptions will be made for children under the age of six and for persons who cannot wear a face covering for underlying health reasons.  Persons who cannot wear a face covering for underlying health reasons are encouraged to wear a face shield.

All essential businesses that are open to the general public must also display signs reminding anyone entering the facility that they must wear a face covering.  The emergency order requires and authorizes the essential businesses subject to this order to refuse service to anyone not wearing a face covering. For any essential business that is open to the general public that is in violation of this order, fines up to $300 will be issued. If a patron refuses to cooperate and insist on entering in the store without a face covering please contact the Board of Health or the Police Department. 

To view the full text of the emergency order please visit the Billerica Board of Health website at:  For questions concerning this order please contact the Board of Health at 978-671-0931.   We must all do our part by taking these measures to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 within Billerica. 


New Cases 4

Active Cases 77

Deaths 21

Recovered 200

Total Cases 298


Billerica Update:

New Cases over the past three days - 13

Active Cases 102

Recovered 174

Deaths 18

Total Cases 294



Town of Billerica Cases per Day (1)


The Town has done a comparison of case frequency by age group with the state - Billerica is tracking similarly with one stark exception. The age group 20-29 is tracking significantly higher than the rest of the state. It was intially attributed to cases from the House of Correction skewing the data. However, upon removal of that data this age group still tracked significantly higher than all other groups compared to the state.

The Town Manager and the Board of Health are urging people in this age group to stay vigilant about practicing social distancing. This includes covering your face when entering closed public spaces like Market Basket, do not gather with kidslarge groups of people. Stay six feet away from each other. Avoid touching your face, clean your hands often, stay home if you are sick and call your doctor if you have symptoms (cough, fever, loss of taste or smell, stuffy nose and sore throat). Meeting with friends and people you don’t live with might seem harmless but it gives you a higher potential to spread the virus. Remember, while you may recover easily from the virus people you love that are in high risk categories will not. The two additional deaths were from a high risk group at the Life Care Center.

Billerica - 

New Cases 13

Active Cases 136

Recovered 134

Deaths 9

Total Cases 277

updated grpah

kid social




New Cases 25

Active Cases 113

Total Deaths 7

Total Cases 251


New Cases 473

Total Cases 10094


New Cases 1745

Total Cases 42944


It is with great sadness that the Town reports three deaths between April 17th and 21st for a total of 4 Covid -19 related deaths. They were residents of the Life Care Center of Merrimack Valley. Each of these cases had underlying conditions ranging from end of life palliative care to dementia. However, none of these underlying conditions make any of these losses less tragic and our hearts go out to their families and the Life Care Community.


New Cases 5

Active Cases: 111

Total Case: 226


New Cases 368 

Total Cases 9621 


New Cases 1556

Total Cases 41199


The Town experienced an unusually high volume of positive cases today - 47. This is due to testing done by the National Guard at the Merrimack Valley  Life Care Center which was precipitated by 2 positive cases earlier this week at this Long Term Care Nursing Facility. This testing resulted in significant number of positive cases and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Billerica Department of Public Health have been collaborating with Life Care to ensure they continue their stringent protocols during this time period. Billerica has four long term care facilities. This is the first one to have a significant outbreak. We expect to see higher numbers of cases in long term care facilities and will continue to work with the facilities that may be greatly affected by this virus.


New Cases    47

Active Cases    109

Total Cases    196


New Cases    553

Total Cases    8297


New Cases    1970

Total Cases    36372





New Cases    5

Active Cases    62

Total Cases    149


New Cases    538

Total Cases    7744


New Cases    2221

Total Cases    34402



New Cases    7

Active Cases    66

Total Cases    144


New Cases    525

Total Cases    7206


New Cases    2263

Total Cases    32181



New Cases - 14

Active Cases - 59

Total Cases - 137


New Cases - 427

Active Cases - 6681


New Cases - 1755

Total Cases - 29918


Billerica - 

New Cases - 8

Active Cases - 49

Total Cases - 123

County - 

New - 271

Total - 6254

State - 

New 1296

Total 28163

Friday - 11AM


Please take a look at the updated COVID-19 stats for today. The Town was informed of 15 new cases on Easter Sunday (included in the totals and graph) and 1 new case today. Also please note the graph comparing our infection rate with other surrounding communities. 

Billerica - 
New Cases - 1 
Active Cases - 44
Total Cases - 115
County -
New Cases - 323
Total Cases 5983
State - 
New Cases - 1392
Total Cases 26867


Nearby Communities Infection Rate as Percentage of Population



Billerica -

New Cases - 16

Active Cases - 43

Total Cases - 99

County -

New Cases - 425

Total Cases 4872

State -

New Cases - 1886

Total Cases 22860





New Cases - 6

Active Cases - 27

Total Cases - 83

County -

New Cases - 402

Total Cases 4447

State -

New Cases - 2033

Total Cases 20974





New Cases - 6

Active Cases - 24

Total Cases - 69

County - 

New Cases 358

Total Cases - 3545


New - 1588

Total - 16790




Please see the update from the Town below.


New Cases – 10

Middlesex Sheriffs Office – 2 (included in the total)

Active Cases – 29

Total Cases – 63


New Cases – 237

Total Cases – 3187


New Cases 1365

Total Cases 15202



New Cases 2

Active Cases 21

Total Cases 53


New Cases -318

Total Cases 2950


New Cases - 1337

Total Cases 13837




In the interest of providing as much information to residents as possible without compromising the identity of people afflicted by or family members affected by the COVID-19 Virus the Town will be releasing the number of people that have died as a result of the virus with certain parameters. The Town will not release the age, gender or the date of death of the people that have succumbed to the virus to prevent violation of the HIPPA Laws. The only relative information that will be provided is whether the individual was in a high risk group or had preexisting health conditions that made them more vulnerable to the virus. As of this date, the Town has one COVID-19 related death out of 44 positive cases. This individual was elderly and had preexisting health conditions.


  • New Cases - 6
  • Active Cases - 27
  • Total Cases - 44


  • New Cases - 288
  • Total Cases 1870


  • New Cases 1228
  • Total Cases 8966

Percentage of The Population - Positive Billerica Cases Compared to State and County (5)

Percentage of Active and Total Cases by Population (5)



  • New Cases - 4
  • Active Cases - 22
  • Total Cases - 38


  • New Cases - 242
  • Total Cases 1582


  • New Cases 1118
  • Total Cases 7738

Percentage of Active and Total Cases by Population (4)

Percentage of The Population - Positive Billerica Cases Compared to State and County (4)


The Town read all the comments yesterday from the residents. We have returned back to the original format. Please see the FB Video below from the Town Manager explaining the graphs. 


Percentage of Active and Total Cases by Population (3)


The Town will be reporting COVID-19 cases differently from this point forward. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health is discouraging municipalities from reporting the number of cases. However, the Town believes there is value in providing as much information as possible to the residents of the Town. Therefore the cases will now be reported as a percentage of the population of the Town of Billerica. This will be compared to percentages of the populations of Middlesex County and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This will give residents an idea of how the COVID-19 virus progresses in the Town as compared to the county and the state. As you can see from the data presented the Town is on par with the county and doing a little better than the Commonwealth overall. It should be noted that the difference between the Commonwealth and the Town is not statistically significant. The takeaway from this data is that you can see the virus is still increasing but the breakout of the virus in the Town of Billerica is similar to both Middlesex County and the Commonwealth as a whole.

The Town will also present another graph of positive COVID-19 cases as a percentage of the population of the Town as compared to cases no longer under quarantine (recovered cases). It has been and continues to be the policy of the Town to provide residents with information to help them understand what is happening in their community. You can be assured that the Town is prepared to handle the progression of this pandemic and asks that all residents do their part by maintaining social distancing and abide by all Executive Orders of the Governor, the Billerica Board of Selectmen and Board of Health.

Percentage of Active and Total Cases by Population (1)

Percentage of The Population - Positive Billerica Cases Compared to State and County (1)


The Town was informed of four additional  COVID-19 cases this Sunday (25 cases in total, 15 active cases). Also, please don’t forget that the Town is still running at full operations. If you need help or have questions do not hesitate to reach out! Please take a look at the link below to find out how we have altered services during the pandemic.


The Town was notified of three additional COVID-19 cases. Please continue to practice social distancing, washing of your hands, and #stayhome  as much as possible! 


The Town was notified of 3 more positive cases and also 3 individuals who are no longer required to be on quarantine. For guidance documents on these issues please refer to -

Also, all fields and playgrounds will continue to be closed at least until May 4th. This will delay the start of youth sports and many Recreation Department Programs. The Town will keep you updated as the situation evolves. 

Trash Update! 

Due to increased concerns for worker safety because of the COVID-19 virus, we ask that residents place all household trash in bags before setting them at the curb in the blue cart for collection. Please ensure that all bags are properly sealed to prevent contents from spilling.

*REMINDER: latex gloves and wipes go in the trash – NOT in your recycling container.

As always, please remember that Recyclables should never be placed into plastic bags.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Our drivers appreciate it!


Today, Billerica had one more positive report, bringing the total number of cases to 15. The Town will now start tracking recovered cases. Currently 7 of these cases have met the criteria to discontinue isolation which brings the active cases to 8.  

Spread of Covid-19 in Billerica since 1st Confirmed Case


Today the Town learned of five new Covid-19 cases. The total number of cases in Town is now 14. 


The Town has seen an increase in opioid overdoses in the past 2 weeks. There have been six overdoses – two that were fatal. This represents a 100% increase over March 2019.  Social distancing and orders to stay at home can be particularly difficult for those that struggle with opioid addictions. The Town is asking that family and friends to be more aware that their loved ones that struggle with addiction are under additional strains during these extraordinary times. They may be more at risk for depression, anxiety and temptations of idle time. Please feel free to reach out to the Town’s Substance abuse director if you need assistance. He can be reached at (978) 671-0943 or There is also additional assistance posted at the Billerica Substance Abuse Program (BSAP) page at


The Town cases of COVID-19 has increased from 5 cases to 9 cases since March 22nd. These new cases are all a result of “Community Spread” – in other words there is no known origin of these cases. This is important because this indicates that COVID-19 is present throughout the Town of Billerica and that it has increased by 80% in two days. It is concluded based on CDC and Massachusetts DPH protocols that COVID-19 is significantly present throughout the community of Billerica. It is further presumed that there are a significant number of undiagnosed cases in the Town of Billerica. Therefore, it is eminently important that all residents heed the call to stay in your homes unless you are essential personnel. You need to maintain social distancing practices (keep six feet between individuals) and clean hands and commonly touched surfaces frequently. If you develop symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath, and loss of taste or smell please consult a doctor or visit an urgent care.

There have been many inquiries about whether any First Responders have tested positive. As has been reported, one of the Billerica cases was a First Responder. Some residents are concerned about exposure from first responders that answer a call at their home. Residents can be assured that the Town is implementing extensive measures to ensure that all first responders on duty are healthy. They are screened on each shift and must take precautions to wear personal protective gear in accordance with protocols. Any first responder that exhibits symptoms or has close contact with an individual with the COVID-19 virus is quarantined for 14 days and tested if they exhibit symptoms. Police vehicles are cleaned at the end of each shift and Fire Stations are also wiped down at the end of each shift and treated with an electrostatic disinfectant sprayer. Fire Department Overtime is restricted by Fire Station to prevent possible cross contamination. Police roll call is done remotely. The Town is taking every precaution to protect the health and ensure the safety of all of our Public Safety Employees as well as the public. Please be assured that all Public Safety departments are running at full shifts and all are healthy.


As many of you may have heard the Governor has put in place an emergency order. All non-essential business will be required to close Tuesday by noon.

Please see the below information from Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA).

Earlier today the Governor issued an emergency order requiring all business and organizations that do not provide essential services to close their physical workplaces and facilities to workers, customers, and the public for two weeks starting tomorrow.

DPH also issued a stay-at-home advisory outlining self-isolation and social distancing protocols.

Residents are advised to stay home and avoid unnecessary travel and other unnecessary activities.

To see the full list of essential personnel check the link below:


The Town of Billerica now has five confirmed cases of Covid-19. The fifth case was a Billerica first responder who responded to an earlier confirmed case. 


Updated Town Hall Operations Guide

A fourth confirmed case of Covid - 19 has been discovered in the community. The Town will no longer be reporting the cases in live time. We will begin updating the Town of any new cases after 3PM unless an emergency notification must be made. 

The Town will be closing:

Hair Salons, Massage Therapy Establishments, Spas, Barbers, Tattoo Parlors, Piercing Shops, Nail Salons, Places of Worship, Social Clubs, and Fitness Centers.

Please do not flush anything down the drain besides toilet paper!

Billerica Community Pantry will be open on March 30th from 2pm to 5pm. For everyone’s protection it will be a ’drive-through’ model. Bags of food to be given to recipients that day. Everyone will get the same type and amount of food. No patrons will be allowed in the building and will not leave their vehicles.

So sufficient food is ordered, recipients must RSVP with their name and household size if they are planning to come on the 30th. Call (978) 663-8433 and leave a message. Please note that RSVPs must be received no later than Sunday evening March 22nd to receive food on March 30th.


Two COVID - 19 Updates:

1. A third confirmed case of Covid - 19 has been discovered in the community. It is now evident that community spread exist in the Town of Billerica.  Please wash your hands, stay home as much as possible, and be safe.

2. The Annual Town Election has been moved to June 6, 2020. Town Meeting has been moved to June 16, 2020.


3. The Town declared an emergency deceleration

Due to the Covid - 19 outbreak the Town is preparing for some changes to the Annual Town Election and Spring Town Meeting. If you would like to follow along please do so at the link below 



The Town was informed this afternoon of the first two positive cases of COVID-19 in Billerica.  These cases are a husband and wife living in the community.  Upon this notification, the Billerica Board of Health followed protocols established by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.  

These protocols included an investigation into those people identified as "close contacts" of the individuals who tested positive.  Anyone identified as a "close contact" has already been notified by the Billerica Board of Health, and has been requested to self-quarantine for a period of fourteen days.  Unless you have been contacted by the Billerica Board of Health, it is not likely that you have had exposure to these individuals.  

The Town continues to monitor the spread of COVID-19 within the community and will take appropriate actions as directed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to mitigate the spread of the virus.  The Town is also advising residents to do your part and follow the CDC guidelines by staying home if you are sick, continue practicing social distancing (staying 6 feet away from others when possible), and check in on others that may need assistance during this time. 

Engage with your friend online and do your part to reduce the spread of Coronavirus.


The Covid-19 situation continues to evolve throughout the country and in Massachusetts. All buildings operated by the Town of Billerica as of March 17, 2020 will be closed to the public. Staff will still be available by phone and email during normal business hours.

Most operations are already offered online and over the phone. Other functions that are not yet obtainable online are being explored and should be accessible in the next few days.

The Town is also exploring drop box and curbside pick-up options.  The Town will continue to work with the public to provide as many services as possible during the current pandemic.  Please be assured that your local government is making every effort to keep you safe.


As the COVID – 19 outbreak continues to worsen throughout the country, Billerica still has no presumptive cases. Town Hall will remain open, but we would like residents to practice social distancing. If possible please conduct business online (  or over the phone before deciding to come to Town Hall. Please refer to the list below of phone numbers and ways to conduct business online. If you have a random question as always please call the Town Managers Office at (978) 671 – 0942. Or email Clancy Main at  or please

DPW (Water, Sewer, Trash, Engineering, Highway) – (978) 671 – 1313

Potholes, trash, and other items regarding DPW please email –

Permitting Documents – Can be found online here -

Please fill them out and scan them back to their respective departments.

Building / Conservation / ZBA  – If you have questions regarding Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Conservation, or ZBA  please contact Olivia Canario at (978) 671 -0964 or by email at

If you have any questions for the Board of Health regarding Covid – 19 or any other related questions please contact Joanne White at or by phone at (978) 671 – 0931.

For any excise tax bills, real estate, personal property, or water tax bills that are due please drop them in the green box on the side of Town Hall or pay online at

If you have any tax questions please call – (978) 671 -0920. Or Email Elaine Russo at


The Town Continues to monitor the current situation with COVID 19. Adjustments are made on a daily basis to protect the public and maintain, to the extent possible, Town Services and normalcy.

All public meetings have been cancelled until March 31, 2020 with the exception of meetings pertaining to Town Meeting. The Town will hold all public meetings from now until March 31st in the Buck Auditorium. This room will be set up with appropriate social distancing standards. In accordance with emergency changes to the “Open Meeting Law” ordered by Governor Baker, the Town will not allow public attendance to these meetings. These meetings will be televised live and access to Open Microphone and Public Hearings will be provided through a social media venue or telephone line to be provided later. This is information will be disseminated through the Town’s social media platforms on Monday.

While all schools in Billerica are being closed for two weeks, Town Hall will remain open for the time being. Both the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Mass Department of Public Health are recommending that appropriate social distancing mitigation be implemented for your community. As of this time the Town of Billerica does not have any identified presumptive positive cases of COVID 19, nor are there a significant number of identified “close contacts” (people who have been within six feet of a presumptive positive case).

Therefore, at this time it is reasonable to conclude that there is not a significant presence of “Community Spread” in Billerica. “Community spread” means there is no localized source of origin of the virus. If there is not a localized source then it is likely that virus has spread through different parts of the community. Conversely, if it is localized to a source (like someone that traveled to a hot zone like China or Italy) the close contacts can be identified and contained through quarantine.

The Council on Aging will be closed starting Saturday, March 14th and will remain closed until the following week at which time this situation will be reevaluated. Seniors are a high risk population to the virus and this precaution is being implemented to protect this population. COA Employees will still report to work as there are many services that can be provided indirectly. The Library will remain open at this time with appropriate social distancing mitigation measures being implemented. The Library is a vital service that many residents depend upon.

Recreation activities are not conducive to social distancing mitigation measures. Therefore, all Recreation programs, inside and out, will be suspended until March 31st. Additionally, all field permits for Youth organizations will be suspended until March 31st as well.

The Town Halls around Billerica; Tewksbury, Dracut and Chelmsford have also decided to implement social distancing mitigation at their Town Halls rather than closing. Additionally, they have closed their COAs and their Library’s remain open for now. It is a challenging balance to maintain public safety and continued to provide a service to the residence. It is important to maintain normal operations as long as possible because this situation is evolving rapidly. The Town is monitoring the state of “Community Spread” daily and will make changes as necessary. Please be assured that the safety of the people of Billerica is paramount.


Town and School Officials continue to work together to manage the COVID - 19 outbreak.

As of 3:15PM on Thursday, March 12, 2020, the Town of Billerica has no confirmed cases or presumptive cases of COVID - 19. Accordingly, the town is making every effort to continue to provide normal services including the operation of schools while protecting public health.

The town and school have put together the following policies into place:

All meetings that are not pertinent to Town Meeting between now and March 31st will be postponed. This includes Planning Board, ZBA, Conservation Commission, and the Board of Health. The CPC meeting will take place tonight as posted.

Events that are in excess of 50 people or cannot meet social distances requirements between now and March 31st will be canceled or postponed. Please refer to the Schools, Library, Recreation, or the COA for specific programs. We will assess the impact on events after March 31st in the coming weeks as the situation develops.

Currently, the Election will take place on the first Saturday in April as set by the Town Charter. Protocols are being put into place to make the election as safe as possible. More guidance will be given in the coming weeks.

If you believe you have been in close contact (within six feet) with somebody believed to have a presumptive COVID - 19 case, please reach out to ER, PCP, or Urgent Care.

For more info please refer to the Mass DPH website.


Town and School Officials have been closely monitoring the Governors press conference this afternoon. During the press conference it was announced that there is an increased risk for Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Massachusetts. It was also stressed that older residents and people with comprised immune systems stay home as much as possible to reduce their risk of being exposed. The Town is awaiting further guidance from DPH and the School Department is awaiting further guidance from DESE  in the next 48 hours.

Town and School Officials will be meeting over the course of the next few days to determine any next steps that are needed. In the interim, Town and School Officials continue to implement enhanced protocols for cleaning high contact areas and protective measures for first responders. Please continue to wash your hands, avoid touching your face, and sanitize frequently touched objects / spaces. For further information please reference the Mass DPH and the CDC website below:

February 28, 2020

Health Advisory for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Billerica – Town and School Officials met today to review communication and preparedness protocols due the evolving situation created by the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.  This group included the Town Manager, the Superintendent of Schools, The Chief of Police, the Board of Health Director and members of the Town’s Emergency Management Team.  While this is a new virus the Town’s protocol for public health preparedness is not.

The group reviewed reinforcing safety protocols for First Responders for respiratory viruses as well as cleaning protocols in Town and school building to prevent the spread of viruses. The Town will also take advantage of municipal service outlets, such as Schools, Recreation and Council on Aging to disseminate educational material to promote good public Health. Some of the educational material and more information is attached below.

 Because we are in the midst of a seasonal cold and flu season, it is important to emphasize the risk of exposure to seasonal influenza is a primary public health concern in Massachusetts at this time.  There has been an uptick in seasonal influenza case in recent weeks in Massachusetts and Billerica.  The following precautionary actions will help prevent exposure to any respiratory virus:

Wash your hands often with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds of scrubbing or use alcohol-based hand cleaners (if soap and water is unavailable)

Cover your coughs and sneezes with a tissue, not your hands

Avoid close contact with others who are sick.

Stay home from work or school if you are sick and avoid contact with others

As information and guidance is rapidly changing, please refer to the CDC Traveler advisory for the most up-to-date information.  

The Billerica Board of Health is continuing to monitor this situation very carefully and will make sure that the most up to date information will be available to residents.  Refer to the MDPH website for the most up to date Massachusetts cases or contact the Billerica Board of Health at 978-671-0931 or visit the Public Health Nurse webpage of our website.