Town Manager

Posted on: May 12, 2017

Smart Meter Discussion

Town Meeting recently approved a new residential meter program. The Town looks forward to implementing a program that will eliminate all the inequalities of the current system.

Some individuals are considering a ballot initiative to overturn the Town Meeting Article to fund the new water meters. These individuals are concerned about potential health risks associated with the technology being used with these meters.

A meeting with the Town Manager was scheduled to understand their concerns. However they then declined to meet. The Town is releasing the forthcoming information to allay any unsubstantiated concerns about health problems associated with this technology.

If anyone has any questions about this issue please do not hesitate to call the Town Managers Office at (978) 671-0942.

Background on system: 30

Meter placement 1:10

How often does meter send signals 2:25

Radio Frequency comparisons to cell phone call 3:30

Comparison to other utility meters 4:10

Exposure to RF signals 5:10

What the device transmits and security 6:05

What information the company receives 7:00

Transparency to the Customer 7:25

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