Board of Health


  • 7 p.m.
  • First Monday of each month
  • Billerica Town Hall, Room 210, unless otherwise noted

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval. 

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Agendas & Minutes

Draft Chapter 5, 6, and Fee Schedule

Draft Chapter 5

Draft Chapter 6

Draft Board of Health Fee Schedule

Board Overview

The Board is made up of five appointed board members who each serve for a 3-year term. The Billerica Board of Health, in conjunction with 7 surrounding towns, form the Upper Merrimack Valley Public Health Coalition to address Emergency Preparedness issues.


The Board of Health enforces the State Sanitary Code which addresses structural, sanitary, and food protection procedures. The board licenses all food service establishments operating within Billerica including restaurants, retail food stores, catering services, temporary food services, corporate cafeterias, school cafeterias, mobile food trucks, assisted living dining services, and nursing home kitchens.

The Health Department also conducts inspections, investigations of food related complaints, provides educational material, and coordinates and promotes food safety training programs.


The Billerica Board of Health is responsible for:

  • The protection of the public health, welfare, safety, and environment in the Town of Billerica. The Board of Health enforces Massachusetts General Law and State Sanitary Codes as it pertains to restaurants, retail food, tobacco, public and semi-public swimming pools, sun tanning establishments, health clubs, ice rinks, stables, hotels / motels, housing and nuisance complaints, and on-site sewage disposal systems
  • The inspections of public and semi-public swimming pools, sun tanning establishments, health clubs, and ice rinks for compliance with safety, sanitary and structural regulations
  • Enforcement and regulation of State Sanitary Codes that protect the health and ensure the safety of residents, workers, and visitors of Billerica. The Health Agents investigate nuisance complaints, arbitrates conflicts between neighbors or landlord and tenants which involve public health issues. The Health Agents also research complaints of illegal dumping, noise, litter, odor and unsafe living conditions
  • The enforcement of Title 5 Septic System Regulations. The Health Department oversees installation of new septic systems, and reviews and approves upgrades and modifications of existing systems. The Health Department is also responsible for licensure of Septage Haulers, Disposal Works Installers, and Title 5 Inspectors