The Public Works Administration Office manages all divisions of the Department of Public Works, and is directly responsible for the following items:

Recycling and Trash Collection:

The Town’s Residential Recycling and Trash Collection is under the authority of Public Works Administration. For detailed information go to our Trash and Recycling page. Please contact the DPW Trash and Recycling Office at 978-671-1313 x2 with additional questions, to report problems, or for additional information. For general questions about recycling, you can contact our Recycling Coordinator Christina McLaughlin at 978-671-1337.

Street Opening Permits:

The Public Works Administration Office administers the Street Opening Permit process, including issuing permits and inspection of construction relating to Street Opening Permits, requiring inspection of all work done on Town roads by developers, contractors and homeowners, ensuring proper materials and methods are used in all work.  Please contact Steve Robertson at 978-436-9178 for questions or concerns relating to Street Opening Permits, or to request a construction inspection. Please refer to the Street Opening Permit page for additional information.

Occupancy Permits:

Occupancy Permits may be left at the DPW Administration Office for sign off of Sewer, Water, Highway, and Engineering sections of the Occupancy Permit.  
Verification will be made with each Division to ensure that all aspects of the project are in order, all requirements have been met, and billing is up to date.  
Please allow at least 48 hrs for processing of Occupancy Permits by Public Works. Additional time may be required if any Division has concerns with the Permit. Please contact Steve Robertson at 978-436-9178 for questions pertaining to Occupancy Permits.

Social Media:

The Billerica DPW is on Facebook and Twitter. We are not able to monitor 24/7, so please be aware that any contact through social media may not be addressed until normal working hours.