Street Opening Permits

The Public Works Administration Office administers the Street Open Permit process, including issuing permits and inspection of construction relating to Street Opening Permits, requiring inspection of all work done on town roads by developers, contractors, and homeowners, ensuring proper materials and methods are used in all work.

Please contact the Operations Supervisor at 978-436-9178 for questions or concerns relating to Street Opening Permits, or to request a construction inspection.

Rules & Regulations
Please see the Department of Public Works Rules and Regulations for detailed information of the requirements considered when reviewing Street (Right of Way) Opening Permit applications.

Permit Policy - Information Sheets
Street Opening Permit Application
Please see the Street Opening Permit Application for a printable copy of the application. Contractors on the drain layers list may print out this form, fill it out, then bring it to the Public Works Office for processing.

Curb Cuts
Curb cuts require a Street Opening Permit and should be at least 7.5 feet away from the property line and a minimum of 75 feet from intersecting roads. Approval by the Operation Supervisor and Traffic Safety Officer is required.