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The residents and businesses in Billerica enjoy a high quality of life and great access.  Explore our website, give us a call, or come visit us!  

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Quick Facts

Population (2020 Census): 42,119

Median Household Income (2020 Census): $113,239 

Percent high school graduate or higher (2020 Census): 94.2%

Percent bachelor's degree or higher (2020 Census): 37.9%

Size: 26.4 square miles

Government: Representative Town Meeting

Top 5 Employment Sectors (2022 Market Update): 

  • Manufacturing (5,118 jobs)
  • Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services (2,842 jobs)
  • Government (2,312 jobs) 
  • Construction (2,189 jobs)
  • Health Care and Social Assistance (1,943 jobs)

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Billerica’s Recreation Department continues to play a central role in defining the Town’s quality of life. Their recreational, educational and cultural programming reflects the interest and diversity of our community, and the Department offers more than 200 program, classes, trips and special events each year.


Billerica Public Schools are an important and positive attraction to the community and committed to excellence. The system consists of one High School, a new award-winning, state of the art High School completed in September 2019, two Middle Schools, and five Elementary Schools educating approximately 4,950 students.

The Shawsheen Valley Regional Technical School offers a high school experience that optimizes student aptitude, achievement and skills by integrating vocational-technical and academic curricula in order to prepare students to begin adult life and careers immediately and independently.  

Higher Education
Billerica is also within easy commuting distance of both Middlesex Community College and UMass Lowell. 


Billerica has a robust Public Works Department, including a recently expanded water treatment facility and an ongoing program to ensure sewer capacity throughout the community.  The Electric and Gas service are provided by National Grid and there is infrastructure capacity for commercial and residential growth.  


Well situated in Massachusetts, Billerica has three exits off of US Route 3 and is within minutes from Routes 128, 495 and 93. Additionally there is train access to Boston through the MBTA and local commuter options through the Lowell Regional Transit Authority (Routes 13 & 14). Billerica is also only 25 miles from Logan International Airport and 35 miles from Manchester-Boston Regional Airport


Billerica has great neighborhoods and a variety of housing option for singles, couples, and families looking to rent or own. Billerica has a Housing Production Plan that identifies the communities goals going into the future.  Neighborhoods include:  Pinehurst, NuttingLake, Town Center, North Billerica, East Billerica, and West Billerica.  


Billerica was incorporated as a Town in 1655.  Before that the area was home to the Shawshin Indian Praying Village and in the historic home of the Pawtucket, Penacook, and Abenaki tribes.  Officially known as the "Yankee Doodle Town" because legend has it that the famous song lyrics were written after a man from Billerica was tarred and feathered by the British.  In the 19th century, textile mills sprang up along the Concord River and the Middlesex Canal, and later the Boston & Lowell railroad, connected this community and its industry to Boston harbor.  In the 20th Century, Billerica became a trolley car suburb and was famous for its vacation cottages around Nutting Lake and experienced post war population and housing growth similar to other parts of Massachusetts and the country.  The Town has several local and National Register historic districts and boasts some beautiful and unique architecture, including structures from the 1600s. 

Learn more about the history through the Billerica Public LIbrary's excellent Local Historic Resources Collection.

Notable Residents

In addition to 'Yankee Doodle," who was rumored to be Billerica resident, Thomas Ditson, resident Asa Pollard was the first person killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill. More recently, Billerica has been known for producing sports stars, including baseball Hall of Famer, Tom Glavine, and at least five former NHL hockey players.