Sewer Contract 37 (Needs Area 4)

Sewer Contract 37 is located in the Webb Brook and Allen Road neighborhoods. BETA Group is currently designing the sewer for this area, so that we can incorporate a dry sewer main on Allen Road into the Allen Road Reconstruction TIP project. The sewer construction for this area will follow the Town’s master plan for sewerage.
The roads included in this contract area are Allen Road, Battcock Road, Ravine Road, Dell Hollow Road, Sylvan Road, Riverdale Road, Whittemore Terrace, Intervale Road, Marshbrook Road, Devonshire Drive, Scroxton Drive, Arcadia Road, Rural Avenue, Garden Brook Road, Webster Lane, Wentworth Drive, and Winsor Road. A project locus map is shown below.
Survey and borings for this project have been completed. The estimated overall length of sewer to be installed under this project is 27,500 linear feet and includes a crossing of the Shawsheen River.