Paving Program 2014

The following roads are scheduled to be paved as part of the 2014 Paving Program.

Roadway Management Program

Roadway Name (Paving Area Map) From To Length Width Repair Method
Applewood Ave New Foster Ave Dead End 497 16 Reclaim with 
Baniulis Rd Near Nolte Rd Charles Anna Ln 1,411 28 Level and Overlay
Basswood Ave Bridle Rd Dead End 1,093 21 Level and Overlay
Charles Anna Ln Eubar Cir David Rd 1,039 18 Sidewalks
Dartmouth Dr Bridle Rd Dead End 1,454 21 Mill and Overlay
David Rd Phyllis Dr Charles Anna Ln 472 28 Top Only
Hancock St Bridle Rd Dead End 430 16 Reclamation
Jenkins Dr Meadow Glen Rd Treble Cove Rd 915 30 Level and Overlay
Magnolia Ave New Foster Ave Dead End 355 18 Level and Overlay
Meadow Glen Rd Treble Cove Rd Cul de sac 745 30 Level and Overlay
New Foster Ave Freedom Way Woodlawn Ave 438 22 Reclaim with 
Nolte Rd Phyllis Dr Bridle Rd 1,433 28 Top Only
Old Treble Cove Rd Dead End Treble Cove Rd 563 24 Level and Overlay
Phyllis Dr Nolte Rd Phillip Rd 811 30 Level and Overlay
River St (Paving Area Map)                      Bridle Rd Parker School Driveway 3,074 24 Mill and Overlay with sidewalk

Supplemental 2014 Roads

Roadway Name From To Length Width Repair Method
Cook St (Paving Area Map) Alexander Rd Wilmington Tl 1,613 25 Reclamation
Webb Brook Rd (Paving Area Map) Webb Brook Allen Rd 1,986 18 Reclamation