Mosquito Control

Larval mosquito control is underway in the Town of Billerica.  For all the information, please read the informational message from the Central MA Mosquito Control Project.    

Human cases are still showing up in Massachusetts from exposures in September. At this time of year mosquito populations are dwindling but virus may be present in some areas until a hard frost and temperatures under 30 degrees predominate. Please be sure to follow personal protection measures until risk is reduced to zero by cold temperatures.

Detailed information about the Central Mass Mosquito Control Project is also listed on our website.  Notices will be sent to all City and Town Clerks in February to alert them of the pesticide exclusion process; CMMCP will continue to accept exemptions during the spray season.  Residents should contact their Town Clerk for more information on the exclusion process.  
Remember that several 30 second PSA videos are available for download and use on your website to help promote prevention activities to your residents.  These can be found here.