Boston Road (Route 3A) at Lexington Road & Glad Valley Drive Traffic and Safety Improvements - MassDOT TIP Project

Update Summer of 2023:

On July 31, 2023, The Town of Billerica and in conjunction with the Town’s Consultant, BETA Group, submitted the 100% Design Submittal to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. This submittal was the result of extensive engineering and design work based on comments from MassDOT on the 25% and 75% submittal, comments received from the abutters at the Public Hearing, and from field investigation.

Scope of work:

Intersection Improvements Project at Boston Road, Lexington Road, and Glad Valley Drive (the Project) along an approximately 3,840-foot (0.7 miles) stretch of Boston Road (Route 3A) centrally located in Billerica, Massachusetts. The Boston Road corridor and the intersections of Lexington Road and Glad Valley Drive have safety and operational deficiencies which require improvements for safe and efficient operation for all users, including motor vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

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100 percent plans