MBTA Communities

In early 2021, Section 3A of MGL. c. 40A (MBTA Communities legislation) took effect. The Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). the agency tasked with implementing this new law, released their final guidelines in Fall 2022.

To remain compliant, the Town of Billerica held a public meeting with the Select Board and submitted an acknowledgement form in April 2022. The next step was to submit our Action Plan (attached) by January 30, 2023. The State will require new zoning in place by December 30, 2024.  The Action Plan includes a general timeline for accomplishing compliance on schedule. 


Click here to view the Action Plan submitted on January 20, 2023.


The Town is working with NMCOG to assess alternatives and assist with public outreach around this issue.  


Zoning Audit

November 2022

March 2023


Evaluate existing conditions for MBTA Communities feasibility

November 2022

March 2023


Public Listening and Education Meetings 

January 2023

May 2023


Draft new Zoning and Map amendments

June 2023

December 2023


Public Meetings (prep for Town Meeting)

January 2024

April 2024


Annual Town Meeting  

May 2024

May 2024


Submit Compliance Application to DHCD

May 2024

May 2024 


If necessary Prep for Fall 2024 Town Meeting 

May 2024 

September 2024