Survey Plan


The Community-wide Survey Plan project will kick-off later in the summer (2023).   


  1. To provide a reconnaissance level description of the nature and distribution of historic and architectural resources in Billerica; 
  2. To identify and assess key documentary materials useful in researching the historical development of the historic and architectural resources in Billerica; 
  3. To provide a preliminary identification and assessment of the nature and location of historic, cultural and architectural resources, including previously undocumented or under-documented resources, including definition of neighborhood units and the resources they contain; 
  4. To identify selection criteria and priorities for a phased comprehensive survey of these resources by neighborhood unit; 
  5. To develop an action plan for implementing priority survey goals for the creation of a comprehensive inventory by neighborhood unit of the cultural and historic resources. The action plan will be phased based on priority; and 
  6. To develop a phased historical properties inventory proposal package and cost estimates for use by the Town of Billerica Historical Commission in obtaining professional cultural resource surveys. 


  • PHASE I – Identification of documentary materials available for the project and development of methodology;
  • PHASE II – Identification of properties to be surveyed and production of sample inventory forms;
  • PHASE III – Production of complete draft inventory forms for review by the Billerica and Massachusetts Historical Commissions; 
  • PHASE IV – Production of final inventory forms, reports and maps. 


The project will begin in July 2023 and be completed by June 30th 2024.  The grant will be closed out by September 30th 2024.