What are Wetlands?
By law, wetlands are defined by their vegetation, soils, and hydrology. Wetlands include ponds, rivers, streams (perennial and intermittent or seasonal), hillside seeps, bogs, wet meadows, swamps, marshes, vernal pools, land subject to flooding/floodplain, etc. Wetlands may not be wet all the time and may appear dry in the summer. Riverfront Area is also a resource area bordering both sides (200 feet on each side) of a perennial (year round) stream/river.

Most wetland resource areas are surrounded by “Buffer Zones” – a 100-foot wide protective zone that protects wetlands from human impacts.

Wetland resource areas on both public and private property are protected and regulated.

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1. What are Wetlands?
2. Are Buffer Zones around wetlands protected?
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4. How can Billerica residents help?
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6. When do I need a permit?
7. What is the application process?
8. Can I cut down trees?
9. How do I close out my wetlands permit/apply for a Certificate of Compliance (COC)?
10. How can I find out if there are any wetlands-related setbacks or restrictions associated with the property?
11. Where can I find information about Billerica’s open space, conservation and recreation lands in Billerica?