How can I find affordable or subsidized housing?

I'd like to apply for subsidized housing programs or a rental voucher in person

Billerica Housing Authority

The Billerica Housing Authority administers housing programs including state and federally aided public housing, federal and state rental vouchers, and emergency housing. Contact them at: 

(978) 667-2175
16 River Street
Billerica, MA 01821

Billerica's Regional Administering Agency: Community Teamwork

Community Teamwork offers additional housing programs to Billerica residents. Their programs include state and federal (Section 8) rental vouchers, other targeted housing programs, and first time homebuyer seminars. Contact the Community Teamwork Resource Center at:

(978) 459-0551 

Or visit their Resource Center, Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm: 17 Kirk St, Lowell, MA 01852

I'd like to apply for subsidized housing programs or a rental voucher online

Common Application for Massachusetts Programs 

The Common Application for Massachusetts Programs (CHAMP) website allows you to apply for state-aided public housing or the Alternative Voucher Program, and manage your application online.  Click here to begin your application.  You can also download a paper application here. 

Massachusetts Centralized Section 8 Waiting List (federal rental voucher)

The MA Centralized Section 8 Waiting List is a partnership of 103 participating Housing Authorities. You can apply to all 103 waiting lists by submitting and maintaining one application online. Click here to begin your application.


I'd like to search for affordable rental properties online

Housing Search Tools  

Housing Navigator Massachusetts is the state's most comprehensive listing of affordable, accessible, and/or subsidized housing. Click here to begin searching for affordable housing.

I'd like to learn about affordable homeownership programs


MyMassHome is MA's online resource for affordable homeownership programs, including first time homebuyer seminars, down payment assistance, and affordable mortgage products. You can also search for current affordable real estate listings. Click here to begin the process. 

There are so many options, I'd like to talk to someone about the available programs

Call the Billerica Housing Authority to discuss housing options at:

(978) 667-2175

Or, call the Community Services Coordinator at:

(978) 215-1903

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