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1. I am a veteran, am I entitled to receive Chapter 115 benefits?
2. How can I apply for VA Medical benefits?
3. Can a veteran or widow of a veteran apply for Chapter 115 benefits in any veterans’ office?
4. Is the spouse of a surviving Veteran entitled to veteran’s benefits?
5. Can I file for a Service Connected Disability?
6. If a WWII veteran got hurt while serving in the military, is it too late for me to file for a Service Connected Disability?
7. My spouse has a 100% Service Connected Disability (for 10 yrs.), so am I entitled to any VA benefits?
8. Is Chapter 115 and the VA that same?
9. I am divorced from a veteran. Am I entitled to any Veterans Benefits, State or Federal?
10. Can the Veteran's office obtain discharge papers (DD214)?